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John Vincent Serafin, an esteemed entrepreneur from Bacolod City, Philippines, has carved a unique niche within the luxury real estate sector, embodying the philosophy of "less of me, more of you" in every aspect of his professional approach. While he has a diverse portfolio of business interests, his true passion lies in connecting people. He has strategically positioned himself away from the spotlight, focusing instead on the needs and aspirations of his clients. 
As a distinguished property consultant with Keller Williams Porter Ranch, John Serafin shines in his specialization in Investment, Income-Generating Properties, and the upscale local market, providing unmatched expertise and insight. Despite his noteworthy successes, John adopts a humble approach to his real estate practice, preferring to stay out of the limelight in the house-selling process. He lives by the credo "less about me and more about the house," dedicating himself to his client's interests with unwavering commitment. This approach guarantees that every facet of his service—attention, time, and passion—is devoted to fulfilling his clients' requirements, ensuring a tailored and effortless experience.
John's influential role on the board of directors reinforces his dedication to a leadership style that values the prosperity and well-being of his team, family, and clients above his own recognition. His acumen in luxury property management is evident in his capacity to augment property value and attractiveness, always prioritizing his client's best interests. Through this role, John not only demonstrates his professional prowess but also underscores a leadership ethos that is all about service, support, and putting others first—principles that guide his every decision and interaction.
John's personal life is deeply rooted in the values of family and community engagement. Residing in the dynamic environment of Porter Ranch, California, with his wife and three sons, he places great importance on building and nurturing relationships, embodying the belief in a balanced life that prioritizes personal connections alongside professional success.
John Vincent Serafin stands out not only for his strategic vision and expertise in the luxury real estate market but also for his dedication to serving others. He operates under the guiding principle of making every interaction about his clients, team, and community, rather than seeking the spotlight for himself. This approach has not only earned him respect and admiration in his professional field but has also made him a cherished member of his community, reflecting the profound impact of his leadership and compassionate approach to business and life.


John Serafin

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19300 Rinaldi St Ste L, Los Angeles, CA 91326

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